2018 DEC       

VITAbolus founded.

2019 JAN      

R&D lab formulation, validation, and  testing of the new oral cell therapy.



PCT/US19/58641 filed " Oral delivery of therapeutic mammalian cells" by Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosatti. 

2020 APR 

Pig study completed by BTS Research CRO establishes safety of human oral cell therapy in pigs.



Dr. Ali Betancourt participates in LSN RESI Digital Investor meeting.


Dr. Ali Betancourt is one of the Women in Bio members participating in the June Digital RESI Pitch and


Vitabolus was selected to participate in the RESI Innovation Challenge.


Mouse Efficacy study confirms that the anti-inflammatory ORAL MSC Therapy works!!! In our collaboration with Dr. Steve Dow Colorado State University the oral cell therapy was as effective or better than the IV delivered MSC therapy!


GOOD NEWS! We got our CIRM Quest Award! We are one of ten DISC2 awards announced on Nov.12, 2020!

2021 JAN

JPM-BIO Partnering-Dr. Betancourt will be presenting.